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Mizuno Toshikata First Sino-Japanese War

Item No A1-92-035-01
Title First Sino-Japanese War
Artist Mizuno Toshikata
Date 1894
Condition Hole
Size 75×37cm
Price $267.43

Mizuno Toshikata
Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Osai, Shosetsu, and others as Betsugo. He became a pupil of Yoshitoshi at 14, at the same time, he learned the ceramics painting from Yamada Ryuto to contribute to the improvement. He was also affected by the painting style of Watanabe Syotei, which enabled him to invent a unique style in the figure or the landscape which are calm and noble, quite different from his master Yoshitoshi ’s wild style. His pieces were also exhibited at the different exhibitions, sending a fresh air to Ukiyoe world after Yoshitoshi ’s death. His prints are mostly multi-color prints depicting customs and manners or war.