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Yoshikazu Cherry Blossoms in Yoshiwara

Item No A1-92-161
Title Cherry Blossoms in Yoshiwara
Artist Yoshikazu
Date 1859
Condition Hole,Burn
Size 77.5×37cm
Price $645.10

Birth and death date unknown.
Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Ichijusai, Issen, Issensai, and others as Gago. As a pupil of Kuniyoshi , he produced warrior painting, flower-and-bird painting, and illustration for Kusazoshi(=picture book). In 1848 to 1854 approx., he had a strong interest in the exotic culture, which encouraged him to produce a number of Yokohama-e . He is now considered one of the representative Yokohama-e painters along with Sadahide .