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Kuniteru II (Kunitsuna II) Brick Street in Ginza

Item No A1-93-365
Title Brick Street in Ginza
Artist Kuniteru II (Kunitsuna II)
Condition Hole,Creases,Foxing,Rubbing,Burn
Size 72.5×36.5cm
Price $451.49

Kuniteru II (Kunitsuna II)
Ukiyoe-painter. Also referred to as Kunitsuna II, Ichiransai, and others as Gago. A pupil of Toyokuni -III-(Kunisada)">Kunisada I. After being given a name of Kuniteru, he depicted Sumo, Japan’s enlightenment, railways, and others. He is one of the representative painters who depicted Japan’s enlightenment of the early Meiji Period.