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Yoshitoshi@Looking Cool, Thirty-two Aspects of Women,

Item No A1-94-005
Series 32-Aspects-of-Women
Title Looking Cool, Thirty-two Aspects of Women,
Artist Yoshitoshi
Condition Foxing,Rubbing
Size 24~36cm
Price $928.85

Yoshitoshi Beauty

Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Gyokuro, Kaisai, Oso, and others as Betsugo. A pupil of Kuniyoshi , a fellow of Kawanabe Kyosai under the master in common. In the end of Bakufu, he attempted to get out of the Kuniyoshi fs style in the warrior painting, actor painting, and beauty, instead produced many atrocity prints with cruel depictions reflecting the timesf trend, which brought him a nickname gBloddy Yoshitoshi h. In around 1878, he was largely affected by Kikuchi Yosaifs painting style, to which he added a western style in order to create his own, with which he produced many pieces taking the subject from historical incidents. In the following year, he began to produce the multi-color print newspaper, his creativity never dried out. He made a greatest success among the Ukiyoe painters of the times most of whom were fading away. He also instructed Toshikata as his mentor. His painting style has been handed down until today through Kaburaki Kiyokata and Ito Shinsui .

The series title is "Fuzoku Sanjuni-so" (Thirty-two Aspects of Women), and here Yoshitoshi used a word play of "so". For, "so" in Japanese means both a figure and seeming to be something.