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Hokusai Hokusai Manga vol.7

Item No A1-94-344-07
Series Hokusai-manga
Title Hokusai Manga vol.7
Artist Hokusai
Condition Hole,Foxing,Rubbing
Size 15.5×23cm
Price SOLD

Ukiyoe painter. He learned the painting technique from Kano School and Tosa School, and also had an interest in the western -style copperplate prints such as Shiba Kokan’s, which means his learning objects were free of rules. He also had a talent in the autograph other than the prints, giving an impact on the impressionists.

This is a Hokusai Manga issued as Edehon (=a collection of picture samples) by Katsushika Hokusai. He launched this work when he was staying at his supporter and pupil, Maki Bokusen's home for about a half a year. After the first issue of 1814, it had been issued until Meiji period by Hokusai, or his pupils after Hokusai's death. The total 15 volumes are loaded with about 4,000 drawings in full of wit. From historical personages to common people's customs and manners, various animals and plants, and monsters, this series are fully loaded with various things elaborately and humorously depicted, giving an impact on men of culture in both Japan and overseas without fading away.