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Gekko The Sino-Japanese War

Item No A1-94-413-01
Title The Sino-Japanese War
Artist Gekko
Date About1894
Condition Hole,Foxing,Tears,Backed
Size 70×35.5cm
Price $180.18

Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Osai, Meikyosai, Kabansai, and others as Betsugo. He didn’t have any particular mentor but was affected by Kikuchi Yosai’s painting style. In the early Meiji Period, he worked on the drawing for ceramics or lacquer wear for export as well as the illustration for newspaper or magazine. He also produced the Japanese-style painting, some of which were exhibited. He belonged to the Nihon Bijutsuin founded in 1898, and one of his pieces was given the third place at the 6th Bunten Exhibition in 1912.