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Hiroshige II Ama no Hashidate in Tango Province

Item No A1-95-120
Series One-hundred-Famous-Views-in-the-Provinces
Title Ama no Hashidate in Tango Province
Artist Hiroshige II
Date 1859
Condition Hole,Foxing,Rubbing
Size 24×36cm
Price $468.34

Hiroshige II
Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Shigenobu, Kisai, and others. He called himself Shigenobu in the beginning when he was depicting the landscape quite affected by Hiroshige I’s painting style. Even after succeeding the name of Hiroshige , he kept producing the pieces similar to his master’s. His representative pieces are “One Hundred Famous Views of Various Provinces” and so on. He also produced Yokohama-e .