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Chikanobu Sasaki and Kajiwara

Item No A1-95-173-01
Title Sasaki and Kajiwara
Artist Chikanobu
Date Meiji Period
Condition Creases,Foxing
Size 37.5×25cm
Price $78.55

Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Ikkakusai, Hokaku II, Yoshu, and others as Betsugo. After having learned from Kuniyoshi and Toyokuni III, he became a pupil of Toyohara Kunichika . He is known for the triptych depicting the Meiji’s customs and manners, but also left autographs, one of which was exhibited in 1882 to be awarded. In his later years, he also handled the war painting, particularly, taking the subject from the Sino-Japanese War, but what he dedicated his life to the most was the beauty with the customs and manners such as court ladies or the women in the inner-palace.