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Hiroshige III Tokyo Famous Places, Ueno Toshogu Picture

Item No A1-96-158-22
Title Tokyo Famous Places, Ueno Toshogu Picture
Artist Hiroshige III
Date 1880
Condition Hole,Creases,Foxing,Rubbing,Repair,Tears
Size 75×36.5cm
Price $103.57

Hiroshige III
Ukiyo-e painter active over the period from Edo period to Meiji period. A pupil of Utagawa Hiroshige I. Also referred to as Isshosai or Ichiritsusai. His father was a ship builder. He was adopted to a restaurant owner. In the beginning, he learned from Utagawa Hiroshige I and created his own artwork around 1861-1864 under the name of Shigemasa, but in 1867, he got married to Otatsu, Hiroshige I’s daughter, to call himself Utagawa Hiroshige II. But in fact, he was Utagawa Hiroshige III. This is because Utagawa Hiroshige II was intentionally erased just as in the case of Utagawa Toyokuni -III-(Kunisada)">Kunisada .