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Yoshiiku@Twenty-Eight Famous Murders

Item No A1-96-285
Title Twenty-Eight Famous Murders
Artist Yoshiiku
Date 1866
Condition Hole,Creases,Rubbing,Repair,Tears
Size 24~34cm
Price $390.94

Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Ikkeisai, Keisai, Asaakero, and others as Betsugo. As a pupil of Kuniyoshi , he began to produce the multi-color print in the early Ansei Period (1854-1859), particularly handled the actor painting and beauty. Also, he took in the element of the western -style shadow picture to produce his warrior painting, historical painting, gossip painting, and so on. In the Meiji Period, he became an expert of the illustration for the multi-color newspaper, working for a few newspaper companies.