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Kawase Hasui@A sunny day after snow in Yoshida

Item No A1-85-055
Title A sunny day after snow in Yoshida
Artist Kawase Hasui
Condition Burn
Size 50~36.4cm
Price SOLD

Kawase Hasui , a representative wood-block print artist of Taisho, left landscapes of Mt. Fuji that was his favorite subject, and this is also a print of Mt. Fuji seen from present Nikura, Yoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. A thick snow layer covers the roofs of residences with the morning sun brightly reflecting on them. The walking people depicted in small gave a movement to the screen, and behind them, majestic Mt.Fuji stands still looking down the villagers' life.Good color, impression and condition. Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) was born in Tokyo. His real name is Monjiro. He was taught by Kaneki Kiyotaka and he led the Shin Hanga Undo movement hand in hand with Keneki Kiyotaka. He always pursued innovative beauties in his artworks. He traveled around Japan and created artworks depicting beautiful seasonal landscapes which are highly rated in Japan and overseas. His use of bright colors such as indigo blue and his original deep blue cannot be seen in other artists' prints. Hasui's artworks have a magical charm of the colors and nostalgic feelings and they deeply touch viewers' heatstrings.

Kawase Hasui
Shinhanga artist. Born to a textile dealer as the first son. His uncle was Kanagaki Robun, a famous playwrite. A pupil of Kaburaki Kiyokata who gave him the Go of gHasuih. Afterwards, he got to know Watanabe Shozaburo, then had a chance to see gOmi Hakkeih created by Ito Shinsui from the same school as his, which evoked him an interest in the wood-block print. In 1918, he released three pieces of gShiobarah from Watanabe Printshop, afterwards, produced a number of landscape prints throughout his life. A representative printmaker of Shinhanga .