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Hokusai A painter from Hokusai School, Pornography

Item No A1-85-240
Title A painter from Hokusai School, Pornography
Artist Hokusai
Condition Please contact us
Size 38.3×25cm
Price SOLD

From the depiction of kimono in a way of making fine drapes on the side, this piece could be produced by some painter who was in a rank corresponding to Hokusai. The subjects are a town guy and Geisya girl, but she obviously looks annoyed. The man forces her to stretch her legs so that he could insert his penis. Her lose kimono creates an erotic mood, her annoyed look stimulates the evil eroticism in them breaking a taboo. Slightly rubbed, creased and soiled.

Ukiyoe painter. He learned the painting technique from Kano School and Tosa School, and also had an interest in the western -style copperplate prints such as Shiba Kokan’s, which means his learning objects were free of rules. He also had a talent in the autograph other than the prints, giving an impact on the impressionists.