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Ishikawa Toraji Shuu Ikka (After a rain shower)

Item No A1-86-053
Title Shuu Ikka (After a rain shower)
Artist Ishikawa Toraji
Condition Excellent
Size 48.5×37.2cm
Price SOLD

Ishikawa Toraji was a Western-style painter active from Meiji to Showa Period, handled watercolor painting, rough sketch, wood-block print, sculpture etc. other than this. He went to Tokyo in 1891 to join Fudosya, a private painting school ran by Koyama Shotaro. After showing his artwork at Paris International Exhibition in 1900, he flew over to the States and Europe for further study. After return, he showed his artwork at Bunten and Teiten Exhibition and also being in charge of an examiner there. From the late Meiji to Taisho Period, he represented a lot of modern women mainly in form of nude or beauty, but in his late years, left many landscapes representing Japanese provinces. In this artwork depicted is a landscape with a port and people filled with energy. Rain stopped and blue sky peeks between clouds. With the abundant colors, this rather looks like an oil painting. Signed and sealed by the artist. Paper was watermarked with his name.

Ishikawa Toraji
Western-style painter from Kochi prefecture. active in Meiji, Taisho, and Showa period. He learned from Koyama Shotaro, then formed an art society, Taiheiyogakai. After studying in western countries, he showed his artworks at exhibitions such as Teiten and Shin-bunten and also served as a judge at the same time. Passed away at 89.