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Hokusai Kinoe no Komatsu

Item No A1-88-182
Title Kinoe no Komatsu
Artist Hokusai
Condition Creases,Foxing,Folding line
Size 360×17.5cm
Price SOLD

13 prints from Kinoe no Komatsu including Octopus and Ama DiverFrom Vol.1 [No 2,4,5,7]From Vol.2 [No 2,3,4,5,6,7]From Vol.3 [No 2,3,4]

Ukiyoe painter. He learned the painting technique from Kano School and Tosa School, and also had an interest in the western -style copperplate prints such as Shiba Kokan’s, which means his learning objects were free of rules. He also had a talent in the autograph other than the prints, giving an impact on the impressionists.