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Yoshida Hiroshi Waiting for the Tide

Item No A1-93-177
Title Waiting for the Tide
Artist Yoshida Hiroshi
Condition Hole
Size 40×27cm
Price SOLD

Yoshida Hiroshi
Shinhanga artist. Grown up as an adapted son to a drawing teacher, then left home and went up to the capital. Learned at Fudosha hosted by Koyama Shotaro. Became a member of Meiji Bijutsukai and later founded Taiheiyogakai himself. In 1899, he flew over to USA and travelled through the country throwing an oil painting exhibition in various places. Afterwards, he often visited overseas to collect painting subjects or hold viewings. He produced a number of landscape prints along with Kawase Hasui under Watanabe Shozaburo.