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Kunimasa IV (Kunisada III) Crossing the Oi River

Item No A1-96-249
Title Crossing the Oi River
Artist Kunimasa IV (Kunisada III)
Condition Foxing,Rubbing,Folding line,Repair
Size 111×25.5cm
Price $692.58

Kunimasa IV (Kunisada III)
Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Baichoro, Baido, Ichijusai and so on. First he learned under Toyokuni III and after his death, he became a pupil of Toyokuni IV. In 1889 he succeeded to the name of Toyokuni -III-(Kunisada)">Kunisada . His works are mainly triptych Yakusha-e and Westernization.