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Toyokuni@Yoshitsune Senbon-zakura

Item No A1-98-214
Title Yoshitsune Senbon-zakura
Artist Toyokuni
Date 1815
Condition Hole,Trimmed,Foxing,Rubbing
Size 74~37cm
Price SOLD

Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Ichiyosai and others as Gago. Grown up as a child of a wood puppet carver residing in front of Shibajinmei Shrine and learned under Toyoharu. His series gYakushabutai no Sugataeh published in 1794 made a great hit attracting people with the streamlines and the bright colors representing a vital spirit. While his rival Sharaku faded away, Toyokuni I became an important person for the actor painting. He also created wonderful beauty and led the Utagawa School, the biggest painting school in the end of Bakufu.