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Kawase Hasui@Nagatoro Chichibu

Item No A1-99-094
Title Nagatoro Chichibu
Artist Kawase Hasui
Date 1927
Condition Please contact us
Size 35.5~26cm
Price SOLD

Kawase Hasui
Shinhanga artist. Born to a textile dealer as the first son. His uncle was Kanagaki Robun, a famous playwrite. A pupil of Kaburaki Kiyokata who gave him the Go of gHasuih. Afterwards, he got to know Watanabe Shozaburo, then had a chance to see gOmi Hakkeih created by Ito Shinsui from the same school as his, which evoked him an interest in the wood-block print. In 1918, he released three pieces of gShiobarah from Watanabe Printshop, afterwards, produced a number of landscape prints throughout his life. A representative printmaker of Shinhanga .