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Hiroshige III

  Hiroshige III
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Ukiyo-e painter active over the period from Edo period to Meiji period. A pupil of Utagawa Hiroshige I. Also referred to as Isshosai or Ichiritsusai. His father was a ship builder. He was adopted to a restaurant owner. In the beginning, he learned from Utagawa Hiroshige I and created his own artwork around 1861-1864 under the name of Shigemasa, but in 1867, he got married to Otatsu, Hiroshige Ifs daughter, to call himself Utagawa Hiroshige II. But in fact, he was Utagawa Hiroshige III. This is because Utagawa Hiroshige II was intentionally erased just as in the case of Utagawa Toyokuni -III-(Kunisada)">Kunisada .

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Hiroshige III


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Hiroshige III

Famous Views of Tokyo: The Year-end Fair at the Kinryuzan Temple

Price $85.74
Hiroshige III

Famous Vvies of Tokyo, Gofukubashi bridge

Price $250.08
Hiroshige III

Newly Edited Fifty-three Stations of Famous Places of the Tokaido

Price $57.16
Hiroshige III

Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Fukushima Masanori

Price $57.16
Hiroshige III

The Pride of the Pleasure Quarters

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