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Eizan@Children Imitating a Daimyo Procession

Item No A1-94-282
Title Children Imitating a Daimyo Procession
Artist Eizan
Date the Edo Period
Condition Foxing,Rubbing,Tears,Backed
Size 9.5~7.5cm
Price $314.81

Ukiyoe painter. Also referred to as Kodamaya Eizan or others as Gago. Learned the painting from his father Eiji who used to be a pupil of Kano School as well as Suzuki Nanrei. In approx.1804, he began to produce his original sensual beauty as taking in Utamaro Ifs latest yearsf painting style. He is also known as a pioneer who began a full-length beauty on a diptych hanging scroll. As a founder of Kikukawa School, he instructed excellent pupils such as Eisen.